A Refresher on AB 506 Requirements and your Insurance Policy

As a Church Mutual insured through our agency, we want to assure you that AB 506 does not alter your Sexual Misconduct/Molestation Liability coverage and that you still have the same great protection you had prior to the passage of AB 506.

We’ve always had a Standard of Care when it comes to protecting children from abuse. Church Mutual Insurance Company, S.I., has underwriting requirements regarding sexual misconduct prevention and limits of coverage available upon offer of binding or renewing coverage. The introduction of AB 506 has not changed or altered these underwriting requirements.

All in all, the AB 506 bill is meant to protect the youth in our care and urge organizations to prioritize child safety.

To summarize, here are the requirements to comply with AB 506:

-LiveScan background checks for employees and volunteers that work with youth. We strongly recommend you keep any existing background check program in place in addition to the LiveScan requirement. (this requirement is delayed until 1/1/24 if you haven’t implemented yet)

-Training on prevention of child abuse and California reporting requirements and processes. We highly recommend MinistrySafe. MinistrySafe offers a comprehensive, California-specific Sexual Abuse Awareness Training that covers all of the requirements of AB 506, including child neglect and reporting requirements.

-Child abuse prevention policies and procedures in place that provide a written framework describing what is and is not permissible within a program/organization related to sexual abuse risk. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • policies to ensure the reporting of suspected incidents of child abuse to persons outside of the organization

  • policies requiring, to the greatest extent possible, the presence of at least two trained adults whenever administrators, employees, or volunteers are in contact with, or supervising, children.

We’re committed more than ever to raising the bar in sexual abuse awareness training. That’s why we recommend MinistrySafe to our customers, a national leader in child abuse prevention.

Why choose MinistrySafe?
-training focuses on recognizing the grooming process of an abuser

-includes all requirements needed to comply with AB 506, including child neglect and California reporting guidelines

-led and developed by attorneys with 60+ years of combined experience litigating child sexual abuse cases

-access to a comprehensive Document Library of sample policies and screening forms created by MinistrySafe attorneys

-customers receive 50% off MinistrySafe’s annual membership


To learn more about all the value-added services we offer to our customers, visit our Value-Added Services page.