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Safety & Security Plans for California and Nevada Houses of Worship

Emergency Response Plans, procedures, and training are essential components of responsible stewardship for houses of worship. Having plans in place and practicing them helps to protect lives, property, and the continuity of operations while also fulfilling a broader mission of serving and supporting the community during times of need.

Our Security Consultant, Jeff Kearnan, CEO of Kearnan Consulting Group, comprised of various experts and experienced professionals, has spent over 2 years developing a series of plans based on Best Practices, FEMA regulations, Code of Federal Regulation, National Industry Standards, NFPA, and regulatory authorities. The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) will prepare and teach houses of worship to identify gaps, provide training, document incidents as well as have an overall sense of preparedness for all types of incidents. In tandem with the EOP are separate plans focused on specific user groups that, when combined with the EOP, create an overall plan of success.

The suite comprises the ONLY fully compliant, FEMA-based plans supported by OSHA and The National Fire Protection Association for Houses of Worship in the United States. It includes a comprehensive policy-level Emergency Operations Plan tailored for governing boards, attorneys, insurance professionals, and executives; an easily understandable Emergency Response Plan designed for staff and employees; a Safety and Security Procedures manual crafted for staff and volunteers; a Training Plan featuring Training Objectives, Summaries, After Action Reports, Range Qualifications, Annual Training Matrix; and a Family Reunification Plan. These plans have undergone rigorous vetting by Emergency Managers, House of Worship Security Directors, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, private consultants, and CCIA to ensure compliance and approval for implementation.

These plans are California-specific* and fully comprehensive, with clear guidance on what to do for various scenarios, such as violent intruders, flooding, power outages, natural disasters, medical emergencies, theft, vandalism, and trespassers. Opting for quality, essential plans is the logical decision for preparation, reducing risk, prioritizing safety, and countering threats.

*Nevada Houses of Worship—please be sure to select Nevada from the State dropdown menu for the Emergency Operations Plan and Safety and Security Team Procedures plan, as they are specific to your state.

The Emergency Response Plan, Safety & Security Training Plan, and Family Reunification Plan are universal to both states.

For more questions or information about these plans, contact AskSecurity@ccia.com