COVID-19 Resources

News:  Supreme Court ruling on California churches meeting in person (February 2021).  Click here to read article.

Church Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. Information
  • Need to Report a Work-related and/or Non-work-related COVID-19 Case?  Click here.
  • What are the California SB 1159 Reporting Protocols for Employers?  Click here.
  • How does my Church Mutual Insurance Policy Apply to COVID-19?  Click here.
  • What is Church Mutual’s Legal Response Regarding Schools Reopening?  Click here.
  • Questions regarding Work Comp Payroll Audit?  Click here.
  • How is Church Mutual providing Financial Relief?  Click here.
  • Need to Report a Claim?  Click here.

For additional Church Mutual COVID-19 Resources, please click here.

How to Prepare for Reopening
  • How will my Insurance Respond to a Coronavirus Claim?  Click here.
  • Need an HR “Return to Work” Checklist?  Click here.
  • What Should We Consider Before Returning to Worship?  Click here.
  • Need Guidance on How to Safely Reopen Your Church?  Click here.
  • Need a “Safe Return to Worship” Checklist?  Click here.
  • Need a COVID-19 Waiver for your Church?  Click here.
  • What Should We Consider Before Reopening Youth Programs & Camps?  Click here.
  • How Do We Prepare for a Safe Return to School in Fall 2020?  Click here.
Assistance with Online Services

If you need assistance to make your messages available online, please contact Church Mutual’s Risk Control Consulting department.  This service is only available for CMIC policyholders.

  • Call:  (800) 554-2642 (Option 4) Ext. 5213
  • Email:
Customer Financial Relief Program


Our agency recognizes the financial hardship this pandemic has caused many of our customers. We donated $300 to 250 customers in need, totaling an agency payout of $75,000.

Webinars & Training

Human Resources
  • (*New!)ThinkHR Webinar Series:  Tutorial on the Learning Management System and How to Add/Manage Users Watch Webinar
  • ThinkHR Webinar Series:  Employee Handbook Builder Tutorial – Watch Webinar
  • Complying with the New Cal-OSHA COVID-19 Regulations Webinar feat. Attorney Erick Becker – Watch Webinar, View Slideshow
  • ThinkHR Webinar Series:  Review of Live HR Advisor Team and Compliance Resources – Watch Webinar
  • COVID-19 Crisis Response Center – View Resources
  • How to Safely Reopen Your Workplace During COVID-19 – View Resources 
  • Compliance Matters: Layoffs, Furloughs, and Recalls – Watch Webinar
  • State & Federal Updates and Employer FAQ – Watch Webinar
  • COVID-19 HR Guidance and Best Practices – Watch Webinar
Sexual Abuse Prevention

We have partnered with MinistrySafe and Abuse Prevention Systems to provide you with online tools and resources to help proactively prevent child sexual abuse.  Church Mutual policyholders receive a 50% discount for an annual membership ($125) and 20% off Sexual Abuse Awareness Training ($4/person), Skillful Screening Training ($40/person), and MinistrySafe Institute ($120/person).  Click here to sign up today!

Should your church accommodate known sexual offenders?  Click here to learn more.

Tax & Law
  • Webinar: “Religious Freedom for Houses of Worship: The good news, bad news, & how to reduce your risk feat. Luke Goodrich” – Watch the Webinar
  • Webinar: “Employer Legal Ramifications Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations feat. Attorney Erick Becker” – Watch the Webinar, View Presentation
  • 2021 Employee Retention Credit for Houses of Worship by Elaine Sommerville, CPA – Read the Article
  • 2020 Religious Org Tax & Law Update Webinar feat. Frank and Elaine Sommerville – Watch Webinar, View Powerpoint, View Handout
  • COVID-19 Q&A with our Legal Consulting Attorney, Frank Sommerville – Watch Q&A
Risk Management
  • “Surviving the Cost of COVID” hosted by Church Mutual – Watch Webinar
  • Free Cybersecurity Training Materials for Customers – Contact Church Mutual’s Risk Contol Central at:
    (800) 554-2642 (Option 4) Ext. 5213 or
  • Working from Home | Safety & Ergonomic Tips – View Resources
  • Church & Casualty and Church Mutual Present “How to Safely Reopen Houses of Worship” – Watch Webinar, View Slides