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Our superior products and services are designed to cover your various insurance needs. Our polices are robust, all‑encompassing and comprehensive. Forget the fine print full of exclusions that can negate a claim. Church & Casualty’s wide range of policies will help you when you need us the most.


Richard V. Poirier
President and CEO of Church Mutual

As their president says, our decades-long relationship with Church Mutual just keeps getting better.

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We offer comprehensive, cost-effective risk control and coverage solutions customized for you. But that’s just the beginning. We also provide access to expert advice and value-added services at no additional cost. Legal, human resources, finance and more.

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Our story begins in 1979, when Richard “Dick” Riddle dreamed of starting his own business. He followed his calling and the rest, as they say, is history. Learn how we began and discover how far we’ve come!

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Our success is defined by personal connections. We are people who love helping people who help and serve other people. So let’s connect! Join the Church & Casualty online community today.

Bob Ewing

Valued Partner
Executive Pastor of Finance & Administration, First Christian Church






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