How secure are your systems, information, and data?

Cybersecurity is among the fastest-growing concerns of the digital age. Cybercriminals take advantage of our increasingly connected world, looking for new ways to steal your information. Data breaches and digital attacks are on the rise, posing significant risks to your organization.

More than ever, it is crucial for you to understand cybersecurity and the spectrum of risks involved – from phishing and malware to data and identity theft and more. Organizational leaders, staff and volunteers all play a part in promoting, implementing and enforcing safe digital practices.

Start protecting your organization by putting cybersecurity measures into practice. Review the resources and information by clicking the button below.

Cybersecurity Resources

Church Mutual’s cyber liability coverage and protection services include prevention education, coverage for both electronic and paper data loss or theft, identity theft related to a cyber loss, and post-loss data recovery. If you have additional questions or need help with any topics related to organizational security, call the Risk Control Central team at (800) 554-2642, ext. 5213, or email