Podcast Episode #2: Property Maintenance Planning for Houses of Worship

Property Maintenance Planning for Houses of Worship

President and Founder of Southern Cross Property Consultants, Matthew Boomhower joins President of Church & Casualty Insurance Agency, Travis Tjepkema for a sit-down conversation discussing why regular facility maintenance for churches/houses of worship is important, best practices, strategies for budgeting for these types of expenses, and more!

Matthew Boomhower is a licensed Architect and Attorney in the State of California. Southern Cross Property Consultants is a construction management firm with offices in San Diego and Orange County, serving clients throughout Southern California. They deal with all facets of project management and facilities consulting; including maintaining existing properties, overseeing renovations, and managing new construction.

Check out clips from this podcast

Time: 3:44-5:20
Take a proactive approach to building maintenance – don’t wait until an emergency.

Time: 14:07-16:29
Budgeting for building replacements – working backward
Time: 19:34-29:18
Fresh eyes, campus inventory, cost assumptions

Time: 29:27-31:37
The construction workforce then and now

Time: 31:58-33:16
80% of the decisions about a building are made before construction starts