Podcast Episode #4: Property Maintenance Top Tips and Trends for 2024

Property Maintenance Top Tips and Trends for 2024

President and Founder of Southern Cross Property Consultants, Matthew Boomhower, joins the President of Church & Casualty Insurance Agency, Travis Tjepkema, for a sit-down conversation discussing their top tips for making sure your facilities are not going to negatively impact you and market trends for 2024.

Matthew Boomhower is a licensed Architect and Attorney in the State of California. Southern Cross Property Consultants is a construction management firm with offices in San Diego and Orange County, serving clients throughout Southern California. They deal with all facets of project management and facilities consulting; including maintaining existing properties, overseeing renovations, and managing new construction.

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Time: 1:19-1:49
Someone has to walk the property regularly, specifically to look for maintenance issues and hazards.

Time: 4:41-6:04
It’s very important to update outdated or old manufactured products/systems such as electrical panels
Time: 9:13-10:29
Temporary fixes aren’t long-term solutions

Time: 10:36-12:41
The “I’ve got a guy” syndrome

Time: 15:49-16:43
Water intrusion is the biggest source of loss in all buildings. Don’t wait until you see a leak to do maintenance.

Time: 18:01-20:43
Maintaining your building is now more important than ever

Time: 20:47-23:43
Replacement costs

Time: 25:00-25:34