Podcast Episode #5: Homelessness and Houses of Worship: Balancing Serving & Safety

Homelessness and Houses of Worship: Balancing Serving & Safety

Brenda Lussier, treasurer of Trinity Luthern Church in Riverside, joins the President of Church & Casualty Insurance Agency, Travis Tjepkema, for a sit-down conversation about how to best balance serving the homeless population while maintaining safety in your houses of worship.

Brenda Lussier currently serves as the Treasurer of Trinity Lutheran Church while actively co-managing the church’s meal program, Banquets at Trinity (BAT). In addition to her involvement with BAT, she coordinates the Showers program in collaboration with Shower of Hope and Lutheran Social Services at Trinity. This initiative underscores their commitment to addressing the fundamental needs of individuals within the community. Brenda is a full-time student at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and is actively pursuing candidacy for Ministry of Word and Service within the Lutheran Church. Brenda Lussier spent 34 years in government service, including 20 years in the Superior Courts in Riverside and San Diego.

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Time: 1:13-2:01
Brenda’s unique perspective of being homeless herself has ignited her passion for helping the homeless community

Time: 3:15-4:09
Use the person’s name when having a conversation with them – it helps to build a connection and humanize them

Time: 4:48-5:47
Stand back; getting too close makes some people nervous and afraid, so keep a short distance

Time: 11:38-13:13
Have a point person and overall strategy when communicating with the homeless community

Time: 15:40-17:46
If you are afraid, don’t approach. Find another person to help, and if your safety is a concern, please contact your local authorities.

Time: 18:11-19:12
Find resources that aid the homeless population in your community and partner with them