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Value-Added Services

At Church & Casualty, our extensive, cost-effective risk control and coverage solutions are just the beginning. We go even further by offering the following value-added services to our customers.

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*The views and opinions of these resources do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Church & Casualty Insurance Agency.


Need some Human Resources tools?

We’ve teamed up with HR experts, Mineral (formerly known as ThinkHR), to provide you with free resources for which include an employee handbook builder, compliance tools, training courses, and more.

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The CA-required Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is available at no additional cost to our policyholders through Mineral. If you prefer an alternative from a Christian perspective, Kingdom One offers a biblically based and legally compliant harassment prevention training course called Above Reproach. Our policyholders receive this training free for a full year.


What about sexual misconduct/abuse prevention?

We have partnered with and MinistrySafe® and Abuse Prevention Systems® (APS) to provide you with online tools and resources to help proactively prevent child sexual abuse.

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We have partnered with Safe Gatherings to provide our customers with a discounted rate of $41 per applicant.  This price includes multiple levels of background checks.  Everyone who works with children, youth, and/or vulnerable adults should be screened properly.  This includes leaders, staff, and volunteers.

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Have a legal question?

We have partnered with Frank Sommerville, a tax and law attorney specializing in houses of worship, and his team of lawyers to provide free legal information.  This service does not include contract/document review.

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Have a Risk Management question?

Church Mutual’s Risk Control Central is ready to assist you in assessing your risk control needs.  Examples include an active shooter response program and reviewing money handling procedures.

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Need medical advice?

Church Mutual provides all Workers’ Compensation policyholders access to our Nurse Hotline through Medcor® to give you and your employees 24/7 access to expert medical advice in the event of an injury.

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Have a budget question?

Cecelia Matthews Consulting Group, a team of non-profit financial experts, offers support for budgeting, financial policies and procedures, and more.  Enrollment is required.

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Want to protect your building from wildfires?

CM Wildfire Solutions™ monitors wildfire activity 24/7 through RedZone, a leader in their industry. RedZone sends an email and text alert to those who are in the path of a wildfire. Eligibility requirements apply. (Available in CA).

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Need help creating a disaster plan?

Secure Education Consultants (SEC) is a nationally recognized leader in crisis management and can help minimize disaster exposure, plan for the worst, and communicate effectively in a crisis.

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