Church & Casualty’s

Value Added Services

At Church & Casualty, our comprehensive, cost-effective risk control and coverage solutions are just the beginning. We go even further by offering following value added services at no additional cost (except SafeGatherings) to our customers.

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Have a legal question? Frank Sommerville, a national leading tax and law attorney for non-profits and National Association of Church Business Administrators “Hall of Fame” inductee, is readily available to advise.


Have a human resources question? We offer an HR hotline through our partnership with ManagEase, a globally recognized human resources leader.


Have a budget question? Cecelia Matthews Consulting Group, a team of non-profit financial experts, offers support for budgeting, financial policies and procedures, and more.

CM Wildfire Solutions™

Want to protect your building from wildfires? Sign up for CM Wildfire Solutions™: a no-cost, multi-faceted solution to keep you and your property safe from harm.


What about background screening? From online applications and references to integrated background checks, SafeGatherings thoroughly screens and trains those charged with serving youth and other vulnerable populations before they are approved.

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