Auto Safety: 2 Ways to Protect Your Vehicles

Church Mutual Insurance Company S.I., recently launched two new auto safety resources for Church & Casualty customers. These products are designed to protect your vehicles from catalytic converter theft and improve safety and accountability with a vehicle telematics program.

Prevent catalytic converter theft with a tough cutting barrier and motion sensor alarm that sounds after 5 seconds of sustained motion underneath the vehicle.

Catalytic converters – which help a car clean its exhaust – have become a target for theft in large part because of the price of precious metals they contain. Since 2019, converter theft has risen by 1,215%, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Our partnership with Catstrap gives policyholders a 20% discount on the 7-foot and 12-foot straps and a $32 flat discount on all other products.

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This partnership offers vehicle tracking products and solutions to reduce unsafe driving behaviors. Our goal is to help you reduce loss frequency and severity for auto policies.

This system features fleet tracking and safety software, dash cams, training, and more.

Location data, live maps, and vehicle status.
Speed tracking vs. posted speed limits.
Ability to monitor and block drivers from calling/texting while the vehicle is in motion.
Protect drivers with optional dual-facing dash cams.
Can be useful for child-serving organizations as an abuse prevention measure while transporting children.
Can be used for event reconstruction and evidence in the event of a crash or claim.
Drivers are assigned targeted training based on their driver scores and habits.

Special discounted rates for Church & Casualty customers, starting as low as $17/month per vehicle.

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If you have questions about signing up or implementing these vehicle safety tools in your organization, contact your Account Manager or email us at